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Children, marriage, divorce and living together

This section helps understand the legal frame work of cohabiting and civil partnerships; the arrangements involving finances and/or children during separation or divorce; options such as injunctions and court orders against domestic violence and more.


Employment, dismissal and grievance

An employer-employee relationship is not always plain sailing, but all employees have a right to be treated fairly in the workplace. This section covers basic statutory rights as an employee; procedures for redundancy and dismissal; grievance procedures; advice on gender recognition and more.


Goods and services

Know your rights when you encounter issues with purchasing goods and services such as how to recover money from an individual or a business, issues with builders or other tradesman, rights when buying used motor vehicles and more.



Understanding motoring offences procedures, your rights when buying a used car, how and when to challenge an unfair parking ticket issued by an official body such as councils and the police, or private parking companies.


Personal injury

A personal injury claim can arise as a result of a traffic accident, injury suffered at work, as the result of a medical procedure (referred to as medical negligence), accidents on holiday, tripping accidents and even some sports injuries.


Property, neighbours and landlord

Know and understand your rights and obligations as both a tenant and as a landlord; your statutory rights as a leaseholder; dealing with builders, neighbours and the variety of taxes you might encounter as a homeowner.



Understand Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Inheritance tax (IHT), how they work and when they may apply or have exemptions, especially if selling or passing on assets, shares or property.


Wills, probate and powers of attorney

This section covers a variety of topics that relate to managing estates if someone passes away, as well as financial affairs or health and welfare of an individual if they are otherwise unable to manage these themselves. We also explain how to make a will and the common myths you may encounter.


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